Meditation, Relaxation
& Yoga

Stress, tension, anxiety and depression limit your enjoyment of life. Experience immediate relief and lasting change in your body and mind. Return to your natural state of peace, vitality and joy. Classes in Coburg and Brunswick, VIC, Australia.


janAn oasis of “quiet focussed time for me”

Before this course I was feeling stressed and tired. My personal goals were related to slowing down, self-care and cultivating a mindful practice. The course provided me with an oasis of “quiet focussed time for me”. I enjoyed the pacing, the instructions, going back to some basic postures and working towards greater attunement.

Jan, Academic, Carlton



danyelleRe-learn yoga in a gentler and safer way

I was recovering from an injury and wanting to get my confidence and flexibility back. The course provided a supportive environment to stretch and almost re-learn yoga in a gentler and safer way. Prem is a lovely teacher, very calm and clear with her instructions. I like the meditation practice and how that interweaves with the mindful movement.

Danyelle, East Brunswick



anna_bIt’s a great boost to my wellbeing, and therefore my family’s wellbeing.

I first enrolled with Every Body Yoga because I really wanted an opportunity to connect more deeply with myself. I was overwhelmed by becoming a new mum, and needed more time for me.

It keeps me mentally, physically and emotionally in balance, gives me a more grounded perspective day to day, and gives me some energy reserves / space to meet the challenges of early parenting. I really enjoy this class and think it’s a great boost to my wellbeing, and therefore my family’s wellbeing.

Anna Bivalkar, Full-time mum, Coburg


jan_fAfter every yoga session I feel calm, mentally strong and focused

I was feeling a bit stressed before I started. I wanted to find a yoga course that would be gentle on my body, yet challenge me and provide a disciplined, calm state of mind and body. My only concern was that it might be too difficult for my pain-riddled body to achieve a strenuous pose.
The teacher is a beautiful soul with a calm gentle aura! I enjoy the challenge of finding my balance and focus. I love the meditation and visualisation. After every yoga session I feel calm, mentally strong and focused. I try to carry this through my week.
I feel part of the group – I feel we share a special feeling at the end. It has become the most important thing of my week, and I really look forward to coming. Even if I don’t feel so good, I always feel much better after. It is such a refreshing and renewing experience. Thank you Prem oxo

Jan F, Company owner, Coburg


deb_cIt leaves me feeling nurtured

I’m in a demanding area of work, working with trauma and family dysfunction. I needed some self-care, and I love yoga. It leaves me feeling nurtured.

Deborah Cole, Child and family counsellor, Yarraville




tony_bImproved my core stability, quietened my mind, and loosened my neck and back

I needed to regain my muscle form and fluidity following radiotherapy and then chemotherapy. I was weak, tended to feel stiff, or even suffer from spasms. I was unstable in the core and lacking good balance. I was looking for core strength and a quiet mind.
Yoga has improved my core stability, quietened my mind, and loosened my neck and back. My emotional resilience and physical stability have improved.
I now continue to pursue yoga for it’s intrinsic benefits. The best part is shavasana – mind noting and body checking. I get a lot from the peaceful tone and predictable manner of Prem’s instructive model.

Tony B, Teacher, Coburg